Captain Green of the Star ship ‘Workwise’ has finally plotted return coordinates to their home world located in the ’16 Wexford Lane’ nebula.


Science Officer Rob, Lieutenant Karina and Chief Engineer Kathy are greatly relieved that their long exile is finally over and have set engines to warp factor 3 in order to return expeditiously to 16 Wexford Lane with a respected Star(t) date of 281013 (October the 28th)

Our hailing frequency (08) 9792 4451 and other communication addresses remain the same

The crew of Workwise will continue to battle those Government and Non Government forces with evil intent against all innocent employers wherever they may be.

Workwise’s ongoing 13 year + mission to battle the forces of darkness and boldly go where no IR practitioner has gone before continues.

Trade long and prosper!!