Welcome to Maré Lawyers Workwise Advisory Services

Leading the way in workplace solutions in regional WA

Mare Lawyers Workwise  provides a range of employment and workplace law to assist its clients to navigate safely through the potential minefield which is employment and industrial relations law.

Mare Lawyers Workwise aim to reduce the requirement for costly adversarial solutions by providing our clients with timely lawful advice regarding contracts of employment, wage rates and entitlements, dispute resolution and terminations, and industrial awards.

Working closely with our clients, businesses and employees can be confident that Mare Lawyers Workwise’s legal resources, support and representation to the highest standards can provide practical, strategic and workable solutions for your employment and human resources issues.

Our Vision

Mare Lawyers Workwise is based in Bunbury, the commercial and industrial centre of the South West, and have strong, long-term relationships with many of our clients.

Our professional team provide support for our clients by providing fast and effective solutions to workplace and people management issues, dispute resolutions, compliance matters, recruitment strategies, policies and procedures, employment contracts, record-keeping, cultural and disciplinary issues.

By building up a high degree of confidence with our team, our clients are able to concentrate on the things they do best – running their own successful businesses – safe in the knowledge that Mare Lawyers Workwise will take care of any workplace issues that may arise in a timely and effective manner.

Our Team

Our experience, expertise and professionalism make Mare Lawyers Workwise the leading workplace relations specialist in regional WA.  Our close-knit team shares over 100 years of combined workplace relations experience, from legal practice, advocacy to contract and policy formulation, occupational health and safety and recruitment.

Mare Lawyers Workwise has assisted businesses across the regions to build their understanding of workplace relations to ensure they comply with the requirements of the Fair Work Act, State legislation and workplace awards and agreements, minimising the risk of transgressing and avoiding the ramifications of non-compliance.

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