Never let it be said that Workwise is shy of spreading good news when the opportunity arises!

Our daily work lives at the Workwise office quite often involve assisting business owners and organisation managers with workplace challenges that, when you drill down to find a root cause, it is generally a ‘communication’ challenge starting back up at you.  Because of this, and because of our experience in seeing first hand and hearing about workplace relationships that fall apart due to communication challenges we searched around for the best way we could value add to your workplace.  We looked for something that is pro-active, effective, ultimately cheaper than paying out for an Unfair Dismissal Claim, is easy and believe it or not, fun to use.

Eighteen months ago our search turned up a tool that we believe has benefited the workplaces we’ve taken it to – in fact, we know that is has helped because we’ve got the positive feedback and seen the workplace changes to prove it.

We know and understand all too well the difficulty workplaces are facing daily and we want as many workplaces as possible to experience their own little miracle or two with what we think is one of the most innovative personality discovery tools on the market.

It is fast and easy to use as well as being extremely cost effective.  In just one fun and enjoyable hour we can help you and your staff gain the knowledge that will help improve communication and boost relationships with people who are not like you and help you maximize the potential of individuals and teams.

Our accredited facilitator (Karina Donohoe) will help you to discover and recognise the behaviour preferences of yourself and others using  Click!Colours™  to help reveal why people behave the way they do.

Karina has facilitated a number of Discovery Sessions, including sessions for staff of Community Home Care in Bunbury, and here is what CEO, Sue Clements had to say afterwards:
“I would like to thank you for the click colours session which you facilitated for our staff.  Staff all commented on the fun but informative way the course was presented.  It was great to hear the comments from staff about their click colours and the colours of others in their group. Staff who attended appeared to be more insightful not just about themselves and how they responded to situations but also about others in the group which promotes a much better understanding of the diversity in a team and beyond.”

Because we know that the countdown to Christmas can cause extra communication pressures in workplaces,  we urge you to book soon before the office closes for the Christmas/New Year break!   Interested?, send us your enquiry.