Workwise Advisory Services has two ways of tackling issues in our member’s workplaces – Reactively or Proactively.crystal ballgazing

On the REACTIVE side there’s the representation and advocacy in industrial relations tribunals; the “hotline” to provide you with advice on how to undertake your workplace relations processes without breaching legislation and the workplace investigations & alternative dispute resolution processes eg mediation.

On the PROACTIVE side we assist businesses and organisations review their current processes and practices and work with management to identify what better ways might be practicable and then customise their human resource management systems to suit.

The thing that more often than not is the “missing link” in workplaces – and here’s some free advice for you – is that acceptable and unacceptable behaviours don’t seem to be spelled out either to new employees or to existing employees.

You might well argue that it is simply a case of being logical and “using your brains”, but we beg to differ.  No two workplaces are ever exactly the same and the behaviours and understandings (unwritten rules) that an employee learns from previous employers and brings into your workplace may be highly detrimental.

In exploring some of those “behaviours or unwritten rules”, consider where you and your business or organisation is proactive. Really, be honest; at what stage, what time or in which processes do you advise your employees with regard to:

  • What constitutes discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Why a supervisor calling an apprentice ‘s*** kicker’ is unacceptable
  • Why commenting about co-workers (or supervisors) on social media is not acceptable
  • What is Conflict of interest and why is it unacceptable
  • What are the ground rules surrounding use of company resources for private purposes
  • Why receiving gifts from clients could be damaging to your reputation
  • Why can’t an employee use company time and intellectual property to start up their own business
  • The consequences of the employee falling below acceptable standards
  • Why having a stand up argument with a supervisor or worse, a customer, is not the way to handle a complaint.

So, the point is that for an employer who leaves these kinds of behaviours in the “being logical or use your head” basket, expecting that employees will all know what constitutes acceptable or unacceptable behaviours in your workplace, then you’re  probably setting yourself and your employees up to fail.  Our crystal ball predicts a lot of paint, stress and heartache on the horizon.

Yes, you can call Workwise Advisory Services to help you when relationships go base over apex, we stand ready to assist you in whichever industrial tribunal you end up in.  But wouldn’t it be “logical” to consider being proactive with your human resource management systems?  That is – your recruiting, onboarding, induction, training and performance management processes so that our crystal ball will be sure to show a better, brighter future?

If you haven’t yet introduced a “Code of Conduct” or “Acceptable Workplace Behaviour” process, contact Workwise for assistance.


You will be pleased to know that only Friday the 25th March and Monday the 28th March are Gazetted as Public Holidays for Easter. As usual please refer to your Registered Agreement or applicable Award for information as to the specific penalty rates that apply for working these days.

Saturday and Sunday are ‘normal’ trading days for the purposes of remuneration.

Unsure? Call us to check and have a Wonderful and Safe Easter.