Further to our earlier E Bulletin concerning the Federal wage increase the State Minimum Wage has also been increased.

These increases will flow into all State Awards in due course and will be payable from the 1st July.

The State minimum wage increased by $18.20 per week up from $627.70 to $645.90

All State Award wages will also increase by $18.20 per week.

Federal system employers please be advised that all Modern Awards have now been adjusted by the FWC to reflect the 2.6% increase and are available to download via the following link:


Alternatively Workwise would be happy to forward a copy of your applicable updated Award.

Contact us to request your copy.


Along with the change to minimum wages in both Federal and State arenas don’t forget that Superannuation also increases from July 1st up from the current 9% to 9.25% with a series of annual incremental adjustments to come.

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