On 10 June 2016 the WA Industrial Relations Commission issued a decision increasing the WA Minimum Wage by $13.00 per week.  This means that the WA Minimum Wage will increase from $679.90 per week to $692.90 per week from 1 July 2016.  All state award wage rates will also increase by $13.00 per week.  The General Order issued on 14 June 2016.  J0222015

The increase will apply only to employees who are paid the award wage, as any wage paid above the award wage is able to be used to offset the increase. The increase applies to employees and employers who are in the WA industrial relations system. This is mainly businesses which are not companies and WA public servants.

The State Wage Case is held pursuant to section 50Aof the Industrial Relations Act, 1979. This obliges the Commission before 1 July in each year to make a General Order setting the minimum wage under the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act, 1993 for employees over the age of 21, for apprentices and for trainees. The General Order also adjusts rates of wages paid under State awards.

As per our previous Bulletin the Federal Minimum increase is effective from the 1st July granting award-reliant workers a 2.4%% increase and lifting the national minimum wage by $15.80 a week or 41 cents an hour.

The new weekly minimum wage will be $672.70— or $17.70 an hour.

Modern Awards will be amended to reflect the increase over coming days.

Employers paying above Award may choose to absorb the increase or adjust their rates accordingly.

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