(this is where you imagine an awesome drum solo)


Thanks to Full of Full of Beanz Coffee, our September Member of the Month – John Sydney-Smith from Geographe Civil will be enjoying a fantastic coffee in a new mug, with a new key ring, fridge magnet….and each time you refill your cup John, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Good on you John, thanks for your continuing support over the years. Contact John or Steve on 9725 7077 for Subdivision Land Development, Water and Waste Water Installation, Maintenance, Drainage, Earthworks, Roadwork’s, Bulk/Heavy Haulage, and Raw Material supplies.

Again, thanks to Matt at Full of Beanz, we’re all hanging out for our team meeting coffee – maybe we will see John there!
If you are wondering how you can be considered for our absolutely spectacular Member of the Month draw, then wonder no more!  Firstly, you have to be a Workwise Annual Member and Secondly, just use your membership benefits to phone or email us a query throughout the month and you are automatically in the draw.  Winners are announced on our Facebook page: and of course here in our E-bulletin which is emailed directly to the Inbox of all our Members and listed on the Website.
So, when was the last time you phoned or emailed for advice, or even just to say hello?