You’ve completed your operational review and made the traumatic decision to make an employee’s position redundant , you’ve been through the even more traumatic process of telling them and now you are PRETTY SURE that they think you are lower than….[insert your own descriptive words here]! 1406027792_pills

While you have asked for the return of the company vehicle, tools, uniform and porta-dunny key, there is something you can actually give them beside the proverbial “pink slip”. Hold back on suggesting they don’t let the door hit them on the backside as they leave, …(editor’s note this should only come to mind if you are terminating for serious misconduct!)

Apart form any feelings of grief that your departing employee may be experiencing you will also be coming to terms with your own emotions…….If only there was something you could do that just might be of some help to the person whose life has  just been turned up-side down.

Well the good news is that there is, but more on that in a minute, have you made sure to have considered the following BEFORE doing the deed?

Firstly, are you making your employee’s redundant for the right reason(s)?

“Redundancy” IS NOT an excuse for your poor management of an underperforming employee.

Secondly, redundancy IS supposedly a consultative process. You should be able to demonstrate a step by step process that has lead you to the decision to make an employee redundant.

It is worth remembering that if you employ less than 15 staff then a Severance Payment is not applicable but if you employ more than 15 staff, the Severance Payment is based on years of service.

Thirdly, moral and ethical considerations (employer of choice) – the law is one thing, but as an employer of choice you might decide that ‘more’ is applicable. Particularly if your departing employee has been with you for many years and you feel deserves more than just what the law orders and tempered of course by the capacity of the business to pay.

So, back to the bitter pill…..

You may have heard of Outplacement or Employment Transition services. Typically these services consist of

  • a resume writing service,
  • employment application letter advice,
  • assistance with interview techniques, and
  • helping with practical job search information.

Services may also extend to offering career counselling services, financial or retirement planning and specific skills training. All of these services are designed to help transition an employee through redundancy, and into what is for the most part, a large and overwhelming job market.

If you are considering redundancies in your workplace, you might like to utilise your Membership and call us to talk through your planned process.

Today’s e-bulletin includes a link to our Employment Transition Services information guide, complete with pricing. (We really just wanted to show off because we have finally learned how to include a link!)

And, here’s the link! Employment Transition Services



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