1386584114_Minion-reading-iconThe third of our professional development series for business owners and managers is about to take place in both Albany and Bunbury.

Albany’s session will take place on Tuesday the 15th of September and then it’s Bunbury’s turn on Wednesday the 23rd of September.

Attendees have so far delved into Bullying & Harassment in the workplace with Rob Littlewood – reviewing recent cases; the Occupational Safety& Health law and legislation surrounding the issue; the potential implications to employers and employees, and what can be done to minimise the risk of bullying from happening in our workplaces.

The second session focussed on workplace Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding practices with Karina Donohoe – where attendees were asked to hold up a mirror to their current practices to see how they really looked.  The number of questions raised from the exercise was remarkable.

Our third session topic is Performance Management – we will be asking ‘does your business do it and does it do it well or is there room for improvement?”  Performance management can be a tricky business so we will be discussing alternative performance management practices and models that might just suit you better than the system you are currently using.

Workwise Members are receiving a huge discount on the full cost for attending the whole 10-session series, but it’s not too late if you want to jump in on one or two sessions only.

We have one or two places left in both Albany and Bunbury sessions, so please contact the Workwise Advisory office on (08) 9792 4451 to reserve your seat at our round table (well, it’s kind of U-shaped really).

See you at the next session.