IR Urban Myth #1

Unused sick leave entitlements don’t accrue from year to year – WRONG Bomb

All unused personal leave entitlements rollover and accrue (Personal Leave = Sick/Carer’s Leave).

IR Urban Myth #2

I don’t have to continue to pay my employee on long term sick leave absence once they’ve been on sick leave for 3 months or more – WRONG

If an employee is on legitimate sick leave (ie has a medical certificate or provided reasonable evidence) they are entitled to be paid during the time of their absence eg your 10 year employee who has never had a sick day has 100 days accrued and is on legitimate sick leave is entitled to be paid.

IR Urban Myth #3

My employee tells me that they don’t have to do any task that isn’t in their job description – WRONG

No employee can refuse a ‘lawful directive’ from an employer. As long as the  instruction is not injurious to their health or wellbeing, unlawful or beyond their capacity to perform it then they are required to do the task. Failure to do so is a sack-able offence.

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