Captains Log Date 0920 1810131380105368_kspaceduel

Having successfully entered our Home World system the crew will be conveying cargo and other materials to the landing bay ready to beam down on the 24th and 25th.

Given the unreliable nature of our allies the TELSTRANS and WESTNETTANS our sub space communications may be offline past our expected star(t) date of 28102013 (28th October). However we are confident that our communicators (ie phones and mobiles) will still be operative during this period.

Strongly worded messages have been sent to the TELSTRANS and WESTNETTANS regarding the consequences of failing our directives. First Officer Donohoe has her hands quivering over the phasars so the extinction of these unreliable service providers may be imminent. No doubt all SME’s will rejoice if we end up reducing them to a smoking ruin.

All being well we look forward to welcoming all members back to our Home World of 16 Wexford Lane very soon.

Our Starship we will be offline on the 24th and 25th as we will be in ‘relocation phase 1’ but out telephone communications remain active (we hope!!).

Trade Long and Prosper!!