The Fair Work Commission has today brought down the latest wage review determination which equates to a 3% lift to the minimum pay rates.J0222015

Modern minimum weekly wages will therefore be increased by 3 per cent from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2014.

The increase also applies to minimum wages for junior employees, employees to whom training arrangements apply, employees with a disability and to piece rates.

The national minimum wage order includes:

  • A national minimum wage of $640.90 per week or $16.87 per hour based on a 38 hour week. This represents an increase of $18.70 per week or 50 cents per hour.

The State wage case has yet to be announced and the above decision affects only Federal system employers.

In continuing a practice of keeping neither side happy the FWC has brought in an increase which is almost double that which was preferred by employer groups but substantially less than the Union push for an increase of $27.00 per week.