Well, there is a growing list of best practice boxes to tick if a business wants to tag itself with the Employer of Choice label!

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency(WGEA)  has today distributed a press release saying that there are 76 organisations receiving the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation.  Apparently, the list includes a diverse mix of organisations across a range of industries. But more on that a little later.

In a recent Workwise E-bulletin we talked about the requirement for businesses with more than 100 employers to report workplace statistics to the WGEA and we have since had some dialogue with Workwise clients checking to see whether or not the reporting requirement applies to their business or organisation.

According to the WGEA website,  only ‘relevant’ employers are required to report.  The WGEA definition of a ‘relevant’ employer is:

‘A relevant employer is a non-public sector employer with 100 or more employees in Australia for any six months or more of a reporting period.  The six months do not have to be consecutive months.  All employees (headcount, not full-time equivalent) should be counted.  This includes full-time, part-time, casual and temporary employees of the employer (including all of its subsidiaries employing in Australia).’

It would appear that the consequences for not undertaking your reporting requirements if you are a Relevant employer is that your business or organisation may be named in a report from the WGEA to the relevant Government Minister and that non-compliant employers may be ineligible for Government Tenders, Grants and/or other Financial Assistance.

Workwise has viewed the section of the WGEA website in relation to consequences for non-compliance and previous non-compliant employers are actually listed on the website.  So we would recommend that if you think you may be a ‘relevant’ employer for the purposes of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 reporting requirements, then you best take a look at the WGEA website for further information.  Go to https://www.wgea.gov.au

In the media release from the WGEA today, Director Helen Conway says “Future job seekers, investors and procurement officers who are committed to working for, investing in and buying from organisations with best practice talent management strategies should refer to the list [..of Employers of Choice]. These organisations are the best of the best.”

And while you may think that the WGEA is 100% all about ‘women in the workforce’, think again.  The media release went on to say that the 2014 applications highlight a growing recognition of the need to integrate men into diversity initiatives with a focus on promoting acceptance around men taking parental leave and working flexibly.

By the way, the WGEA has resources available through their website for small businesses as well.

Any Workwise Members who have workplace strategies in place that address gender diversity or a healthier workplace is more than welcome to post photos to our Facebook page!