The Fair Work Ombudsman recently announced it will audit 365 textile, clothing and footwear businesses across the country in the second phase of a national campaign aimed at building compliance in the industries.

Last year, businesses in the industry were provided with educational materials in round 1 of the campaign and so in this second round, the Ombudsman’s inspectors will check to ensure that the same employers are:

  • paying the correct minimum hourly rates,
  • paying correctly any applicable penalty rates, allowances and loadings,
  • providing appropriate meal breaks to employees,
  • compliant with their record-keeping and pay-slip obligations

According to the Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James, one of the aims of the campaign is to ensure employers in the industry – which is known to employ high numbers of vulnerable workers – are aware of their workplace responsibilities.

Employers in Western Australia who are wanting to check that they are compliant with their workplace responsibilities, obligations and are exercising their rights in the correct way can contact Workwise Advisory Services to discuss the services we have available on (08) 9792 4451.