Time to Review your Review?

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

9.30am – 12.30pm

at the

Manjimup Community Resource Centre


Does the sound of running feet echo down the hallway when you announce that it is performance review time?

The thought of the annual performance review can strike fear into the heart of managers, supervisors and employees alike and it is amazing how busy people become at performance review time.  It seems nobody can possibly fit a performance review into their busy schedule.

Performance review time needn’t be confronting or time-consuming – if it is, then maybe it’s time to throw out your appraisal system.

Also, we’re going to talk about Time Management.  Some people appear to be great at it; they’re organised and never seem flustered but as a manager, could you be managing time a little better and at the same time, help your employees to become more accountable and responsible?

This double-workshop is suitable for business owners, managers, supervisors and team leaders who manage staff and have found performance review confronting, difficult to conduct or who do not have any system in place at all.

Places are limited so book now to ensure your seat at the workshop.

Click the StickyTickets link to register, or contact Workwise Advisory Services for more information.