Recruit With Your Heart AND Your Head

Tuesday, October 11th

9.30am – 12.30pm

at the

Manjimup Community Resources Centre

Why is it that your recruitment procedure seems to go fine; the first 3-months goes relatively smoothly but then a poor attitude kicks in or your new employee seems to be constantly at loggerheads with other staff members or they turn out to be just plain ‘difficult to work with’?

Our workshop material and presentation is designed to be as interactive as possible and the information presented will benefit owners, managers and staff with responsibility for recruitment and selection.

Participants will increase their knowledge of:

  • What a sound recruitment process should consist of (checklist provided)
  • Unconscious Bias
  • How workplace culture affects your recruitment success rate
  • What you can, can’t and should ask in an interview
  • What are ‘soft skills’, why they are important and how to recruit for them.

As well, we identify and explore the legal risks involved with recruitment and how to mitigate them.

Come and join us while we explore the process of recruitment, selection and onboarding and discover why a great new recruit can turn out to be one big headache.



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