Workwise has been advised of changes to employment conditions in a number of State Awards and the Modern Social Community Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010.MP900305711[1]

Revised pay rate summary information is available for download from the Wageline site for the following State Awards:

Electronics Industry

Metal Trades Industry

Electrical Industry.

These changes were effective from 3rd February and include such things as:

Overtime meal allowance;
Car allowance;
Motor Vehicle;
Distant work;
Special provisions;
Leading hand allowance;
Tool  allowance; and
Allowance changes for construction work.

In addition there have been changes to the treatment of casual staff in relation to payment for overtime in the Federal SCHCDS Award as follows:

The Fair Work Commission has announced a determination on an appeal by the Australian Services Union (ASU) contesting a variation made to the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SCHADS), following the 2012 Modern Award review.

The determination clarifies weekend loadings and overtime entitlements for casual employees. There is no practical change to weekend loadings, but overtime now applies to casuals.

Weekend penalty rates for casual employees. Clause 26 – Saturday and Sunday Work will be altered to clarify the variation effective from 1 August 2013 providing a weekend loading to casual employees who work a weekend shift. There is no practical change to the original decision. The weekend loading is paid in substitution for the casual loading and not in addition to it.

Overtime rates. Clause 28.1(b) has been replaced with a new Clause 28.1(b), which has the effect of applying overtime penalty rates to casual employees. Full-time, part-time and casual employees all now have overtime entitlements. The new clause specifies that overtime rates will be in substitution for shift loadings and casual loadings. This variation to the award comes into effect from the beginning of the first full pay period commencing on or after 4 March 2014.

This decision should only impose an additional cost on employers if they employ casuals who work overtime.

The decision effectively confirms that since August, casual employees cost the same as permanent staff when performing weekend work.

An updated version of the SCHCDS Award incorporating the latest variation will be available on the Commission website shortly.

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