Employee Hotline

Why potentially pay hundreds of dollars to a lawyer for an answer to your employment questions when you can phone our employee hotline for a minimal charge.

Our employee hotline service provides support and assistance with employment and workplace related issues including unfair dismissal, redundancies, Award employment conditions and bullying & harassment.

Call: 1902 267 731

Call costs are $3.30 per minute
Operational hours Monday to Friday in WA (WST) 8.30am to 4pm and Eastern States (EST) 10.30am to 6pm

Disclaimer: Please be advised that any advice provided to you during a call is limited and based on the correctness of information provided by the caller to us. Prior to providing a caller with any information they will be asked in confidence the name of their employer, where we perceive that a conflict of interest exists we will be unable to assist you with your query.